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Discover Santorini through memorable tours and activities handpicked for you by Compass Villa Management.

Compass Villa Management has selected a series of tours and activities that you can participate in so as to discover the uniqueness of Santorini and to gain new experiences during your stay on our island.



Santorini is famous for its wide variety of excursions and tours which are organized for the visitors who wish to fully explore it.

You can choose between boat tours with a traditional boat, yacht, catamaran or speedboat. Also available are private or semi-private sailing tours, where other than the sea and magical beauty of Santorni. you will enjoy barbecues with seafood and meat, beer, wine and refreshments (these excursions last half-a-day, since they stay within the island).

Contact us by e-mail or ask us upon arrival to Santorini, so that we can give you detailed information about the excursion which suits your style.


For the unique fishing experience around the Caldera, all you have to do is go to the picturesque harbor of Ammoudi in Oia, where the fishing boats depart daily.

These excursions provide you with the opportunity to discover the most beautiful beaches & picturesque bays of Santorini. So, do you love fishing? Ask us for more detailed information!


Experience the magical world of Santorini wines under the guidance of our experienced sommelier. The visits are conducted in small groups making it possible for you to visit the winery with ease. Touring and Visitation last 5 hours and really are worth every minute of the time and money you devote.

Tour includes:

  • All transfers from arrival time until your return at a destination of your choice
  • A visit to 3 traditional wineries and the privilege of meeting the winemakers
  • A tour of the island and stops at selected vineyards

Ask for detailed information via e-mail or during your stay at Compass Villa.


Enjoy an amazing, two-hour donkey tour starting from Oia, then moving on to Finikia Village, the town of Agio Konstantino, Baxedes Beach, to come to a stop at Sigalas Winery.

Usually the tour starts in the morning, but if you wish to arrange it later in the day, we can schedule a time which suits you.

If you are a horse riding enthusiast, you can experience a memorable horse ride on Perivolos Beach!


Experience the uniqueness of the Santorini seabed through carefully selected dives.

Diving takes place near the volcanic islands of Palea Kameni, Nea Kameni, Thirassia and Aspronisi. You will have the unique opportunity to dive among coral reefs, shipwrecks and caves. You will also have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to wall dive and visit the first submerged memorial tomb of Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

A wide range of diving lessons and tours are available, for which we can give you detailed information. Simply e-mail us for details. Alternatively, we can give you the information during your stay at our Villa.


Be enchanted by the picturesque and wild beauty of Santorini while flying in a helicopter over the island. The flight lasts 20 minutes which is sufficient time for you to see Santorini in this unique way!



Choose a bus tour with an English-speaking guide and discover the most mysterious, hidden and unparalleled beauty spots of Santorini, which still remain unknown to many locals…

Ask us for detailed information!


Compass Villa in Oia Santorini is a favorite among couples, families and groups of friends of all ages, from all over the world, in which they stay all year round.